Demolition Consultant

DemolitionScurator are Demolition Consultants.

Our services include:

Demolition Services

We have generated a UK and Europe wide client base for working as a Demolition Consultant within the oil and gas industry. Our works in this sector have been providing clients with the following:

  • Production of pre-demolition structural reports
  • Production of calculations to allow the demolition collapse mechanism to be carried out in a controlled manner
  • Production of calculations for buildings that are to be partially collapsed
  • Production of post-demolition reports
  • Site supervision with demolition contractors to ensure safe demolition of ‘dangerous’ structures
  • Assessment of party walls that may be affected by a demolition process
  • Production of temporary design works

Calculations for collapsing the following structures:

  • Storage vessels
  • High level petrochemical plant
  • Steel framed structures with ‘knee joint’ collapse mechanisms
  • Structures adjacent to highways
  • Steel framed petro-chemical pipe bridges
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