Structural Asset Management

Structural Asset Management

Structural Asset ManagementWe provide Structural Asset Management

Our work with a number of clients within the petrochemical industry has identified that the key to prolong the life span of a plant is to create and implement a structured asset management plan. This form of planning will aid in the successful management of the plant, enhance productivity and lead to financial benefits. To meet the needs of individual client’s requirements we have a team of experts that are well versed in the field of Structural Asset Management.

Our team of structural engineers have a wide range of experience in the design of above and below ground structures within the oil and gas industry. These skills are able to be applied to assessing our client’s current structural infrastructure as part of their ongoing asset management. On numerous occasions we have been able to identify defects within structural elements that can be repaired rather than replaced to enable a site to continue running without being subject to complex shutdowns.

Our works in this field have taken us to COMAH sites where safety and management of assets is crucial to our client maintaining their COMAH status and complying with the relevant legislation for these forms of sites.

An example of the types of structural asset management works undertaken are noted as follows:

⦁ Pipe bridges
⦁ Refinery gantries
⦁ Structural stairways/access platforms on storage tanks
⦁ Reinforced concrete bund wall for tank storage areas
⦁ Reinforced concrete culverts
⦁ Vessel and tank support mechanisms
⦁ Pipe work supports
⦁ Process buildings
⦁ General site buildings
⦁ Steel frames for pipe/vessel/process infrastructure

In addition to the above we are able to provide designs to rectify any issues that are identified within the structural asset management assessments undertaken.

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