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Scurator were very privileged to be appointed to act as the consulting engineers for ABLE UK at their Seal Sands Dock.

The role involved acting as the demolition design consulting engineers to undertake the following works:

  • Assessment of RAMS for various sections of demolition works 
  • Design pre-weakening works for the accommodation blocks on the rig
  • Production of calculations to derive the load paths for the existing sections to be demolished and how these would react when pre-weakened for demolition
  • Design collapse mechanisms for the raised heliport base, drilling pylons and plant rooms
  • Complex designs included the heliport structure because the support mechanism was complex and attached to inaccessible areas of the rig;  a number of plant rooms because their external elevations were formed from plate girders tied into a myriad of steelwork to counter balance cantilever projections; and pre-weakening designs for explosive collapse mechanisms
  • Continually assessing the centre of gravity of the rig as large sections were removed, because Shell had made us aware that the rig had the potential to be unstable if the centre of gravity of loads fell outside on a predetermined zone

All the calculations were checked by a third party independent structural engineer.

Careful planning and communication was the key to producing a safe environment for top-burners and the demolition team to safely demolish each section of the oil rig.

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